Mug is a pool of communication and web marketing experts, designers and project managers. We share the passion for communication. We are passionate about telling stories and making companies closer to theis clients through compelling messages.

Andrea Pietropaoli

Founder, Communication Specialist & PM

A compulsive traveller, fascinated by new media and passionate about stories, both the positive ones to be highlighted and the negative ones that are still looking for a happy ending. For more than ten years, Andrea has been working in communications. With an interest in neuromarketing and social issues, he quotes the psychologist Watzlawick on his business card: “Even silence is communication”.

Beto Caprera

Graphic Designer

Black belt in Book-Fu (he reads more than 10 books per month), he's a rather theatrical and talkative person. And he loves unicorns. Beto lives in Rome since 8 years, merging his greatest passion with the place he loves the most. How to make him happy? Empanadas, wiener schnitzel and cotolette.

Daniele Dal Sasso

Project Manager & Developer

Managing consultant, web developer and interaction designer. He's very passionate about all that's technological, digital and open source, an avid comic reader, and a fine connoisseur of every kind of craft beer.

Andrew Gold

Web Developer & Back-End Wizard

Relocated from London to Rome 6 years ago for the warmer climate and food. Andy is a web and mobile app developer with many years of experience and can turn his hand to any coding language. When not coding he likes to sit back and relax with a film or two.

Francesco De Rosa

Art Director

Francesco has a creative and visionary mind. He has deep roots in Naples and an unconditional love for the cosmopolitan London and cats from all over the world. He is known for his optimism, smile, taste, and ability to transform his clients’ ideas into original and compelling images.

Simone Trombetta

Account Manager Italia

Simone set up his first company when he was 20. He is a playful dad at home and a hard-working and result-oriented manager at the office. He knows how respond to his clients’need, but just after having taken care of his stomach! Chicken wings are his favourite dish!

Gianluca Fazio

Social Media Manager

Passionate musician, about twelve years ago he discovered the Internet, and has yet to recover. The advent of Social Media had his mind completely blown. He loves dogs, technology and Netflix. Gianluca at times exclaims: "If you do not communicate online, you do not exist".

Stefania Caponera


Take her away what you want, but not good food and cinema! She's a dinamic, sunny and tireless professional. She grew up in the world of audiovisual productions for cinema and TV, where she learned how to be a patient problem solver on behalf of her clients.

Manuela Fratipietro


Manuela has always been fascinated by medicine and everything related to the field, dedicating her professional efforts to the growth of healthcare companies. Tireless mom, wife and friend, her approach in every situation is, "Love the life you live, while you create the life of your dreams."

Chiara Giunta

Architecture & Interior Designer

Chiara is a night owl. During the summer, she loves working outside to enjoy the fresh air. Thanks to her academic background and professional experience with leading companies and agencies, she set up her own studio: Arnia Architetture. Chiara is passionate about recycling. Her attitude perfectly embodies the philosophy of Less is More: she is concrete and straight to the point.

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